At 6 years old he entered at the Gänserndorf's music school and began to learn playing accordion and trumpet.

Later he changed for tenor tuba and organ.

At 8 years old he composed for the first time.

At 10 years old he composed and published his first march. In 1979 he managed the entry exam of the Vienna music university in order to study trombone.

Then still playing trombone he entered the Vienna's conservatory studying jazz where he obtained the mention of excellence in 2000 in jazz music theory, composing and musical arrangements.

In 2003 he was appointed IGP professor with the mention of excellence.

He won the recognition award in consideration for all his composition.

He became trombonist substitute in Vienna's opera orchestra on permanent basis.

He is the conductor of the Auersthal city orchestra since 1997 and the conductor substitute of Gänserndorf district.

He worked as music professor in Deutsch-Wagram, Strasshof, Gänserndorf,Dürnkrut and Auersthal.

Since 2005 he is the school principal of the school of music in Gänserndorf.

Until now he had composed more than 530 musical works, mainly for  harmonic orchestras and also for jazz band and big band.

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